Cakes By Eve

From Simple to Spectacular

As with many professions, the price you pay depends largely upon the complexity of the task, and the time taken to complete it.

Eve has over 20 years experience creating designer cakes, so she generally takes less time than most to complete a cake design. Since everything is baked and decorated on the premises, a good portion of the cake price is set even before additional decorations are put on the cake.

Different cake flavours and sizes also contribute to the overall price of the cake design. For example, a standard size (20cm) Rich Fruit Cake costs Eve over $20 more to produce than the same size Traditional Butter Cake in ingredients alone.

Below are some indications of prices of various cake designs:

Edible Image Cakes

Edible Image Cakes are a really effective and affordable option for a special occasion. You can bring in or email a photo or image and Eve will print it on her edible paper, and place it on a cake.

   These designs start at $85

Birthday Cakes

Simple Novelty Example


Novelty designs start at  $125.






Medium Novelty Example











3D Example

3D Cakes are in a different league in that they require individual shaping and generally take many hours longer than standard Novelty designs. These designs vary considerably, but starting price is generally around $350.



Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are all very individual, and as such can vary in price quite a lot. Below are a few examples of prices, but the best way to price a wedding cake is to request a quote.

$400 - $500




$550 - $650







  Around $850

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes can also vary considerably in price depending on the decorations involved.

Simple styles start at around $4.